300+ Attractive Restaurant slogan ideas and taglines ideas

Every restaurant needs a restaurant slogan ideas or tagline for branding and marketing. To write a great catchy slogan idea that can attract customers to step into your eatery is a difficult job that needs creativity and time to research and brainstorm different ideas. Different restaurants in the world now a day using digital marketing and runs hundreds of campaigns on different social websites every time they need a different line, phrase, or slogan to market their business.

Here is a list of more than 300 restaurant slogan ideas and taglines for your restaurant. You can use them for marketing campaigns and branding. Choose one that fits with your business and save your time.

Restaurant Slogan Ideas

We researched different restaurant slogans and taglines for this article. We analyzed different aspects and found that kept different aspect and values for writing slogans and mottos. Some keep in mind about the location of the restaurant, some write about the quality of the meal and food, some about the expertise their employees have, some about the environment of the restaurant. 

We then decide to write an article that focuses on all the aspects and values and helps the manager to save time for restaurant slogan ideas and taglines. The list is very long and well organized for different categories.

  • Let us serve you.
  • Listen to your belly.
  • We have a history.
  • Hungry? No problem, we are here.
  • Taste with us.
  • Hungry, get in.
  • Love to eat at luxury?.
  • The taste you love.
  • No compromise on quality.
  • Eat on the terrace.
  • I loved the flavours.
  • Do you love spice?
  • Let’s meet for a meal.
  • Listen to your palate.
  • Feel the taste like home.
  • We know you love it.
  • Chill here, eat here.
  • Hot people love Hot.
  • That smell will make you hungry.
  • Lovely people eat together.
  • Let’s eat together.
  • Eat with family.
  • Enjoy the bone fire.
  • We bet on the quality.
  • No compromise quality.
  • Have a seat and eat.
  • You need the leg piece.
  • Winner-winner chicken dinner.
  • Good time to taste.
  • Your expectation is our priority.
  • Healthy food makes you healthy.
  • Take a break, eat with us.
  • Dinner on the sky.
  • Chicken dinner is the winners.
  • Taste the flavours.
  • Stop to eat, go home.
  • We serve emotions.
  • The feelings of energy
  • Dream dinner with winners.
  • Spicy is tasty.
  • The place is our taste, whatever.
  • Family dinner is here.
  • Yummy and tasty.
  • We are best what you expect.
  • mouth-watering food
  • Flavours are tasty.
  • Joy and pleasure.
  • We sell expertise.
healthy restaurant slogan ideas
  • All flavours under one roof.
  • Taste, taste, taste.
  • The feeling touches the sky.
  • Eat and chill.
  • Wow, great dinner.
  • Hospitality is our tradition.
  • Where the flavours attract you.
  • Don’t break the taste.
  • Let’s feast together.
  • Traditional meals are here.
  • Different variety, different taste.
  • We are unique.
  • We love to serve.
  • Come again. Eat again.
  • You are crazy about the taste?.
  • Luxury food is healthy.
  • Wish to taste?
  • Listen, how was the taste.
  • Healthy food will make you healthy.
  • Grilled chicken is soo spicy.
  • Love to eat some meat.
  • Spicy food has a different taste.
  • Where taste speaks loud.
  • The best or nothing
  • Foodies people all are here.
  • Greasy and greasier
  • The greasier, the better
  • If you love your life, love food.
  • Welcome to Food valley.
  • Welcome to the eatery paradise.
  • Where travellers stop to eat.
  • Our chefs are the best.
  • Top on the list.
  • We listen to your feedback.
  • Welcome to Valley of food.
  • Fresh meals heal you.
restaurant slogans list
  • Best restaurant in the town 
  • Roll paratha for breakfast.
  • Breakfast with sunrise.
  • Green and clean.
  • At the riverside.
  • Vegetarians are welcome here.
  • Organic food is our priority.
  • We are doing the best.
  • Luxury restaurant, reasonable prices.
  • We don’t sell, we serve.
  • Our language is healthy food.
  • Restaurant at the top of the Valley.
  • Food is good.
  • Who loves red chilli.
  • Red peppers are hot.
  • Chill the chillies.
  • dinner in the moonlight
  • Do you know where the food jungle.?
  • Couples love to be here.
  • Foodies will love it here.
  • Crazy for food?.
  • You step in we serve all.
  • In a hurry? Takeaway.
  • If you come, we will love.
  • Taste the rest.
  • King restaurant of the town.
  • We are the best in town.

Healthy Restaurant slogan ideas

  • Eat Organic Be healthy.
  • Healthy food makes you healthy.
  • Feel the energy with every bite.
  • Fresh meat makes health.
  • Cleanliness is here.
  • Fresh farm food.
  • Health is wealth.
  • Fresh food changes the mood.
  • Nutritious food is delicious.
  • Eat clean, be fresh.
  • Healthy food fuel for life.
  • Hospitality is in our veins.
  • Every engine needs fuel, you also.
  • For fitness, eat organic.
  • Our food will make you hungry.
  • Great combination of health and spicy.
  • Eat healthily, live a long life.
  • Vitamins rich food.
  • Visit us. We will love it.
  • Fresh food boost energy.,
  • Breezily morning lets breakfast.
  • Open skies dinner here.
  • Enjoy the best
  • Let us serve you best.
  • Our experts have great skills.
  • Best recipes ideas we have.
  • Heartbeats for the meal. 
  • Original taste of food feels you better.
  • Enjoy our recipes and joy.
  • Something best which tastes.
  • Dine, wine will be fine.
  • A paradise for Foodies.
  • Food valley for food lovers.
  • Eat with family.
  • Table full of quality
  • Foodies are welcome here.
  • We surprise customers with taste.
  • Food with mood.
  • Taste fresh, stay fresh.
  • Eat it. Love it.
  • For best people, we have better food.
  • Serving you is my duty.
  • Your favorite eatery.
  • Yummy food for cool people.
  • Place of a new taste.
  • Wondering for the original taste step in.
  • On-time serving is our passion.
  • Fast service, hot service.
  • We cook healthy meals.
  • Taste the best.
  • Enjoy with pleasure.
  • Taste best, live long.
  • The house for foodies.
  • Food with grill chicken
  • Are you crazy about the meal?
  • Luxury restaurant in the town.
  • Every day we cook fresh.
  • We serve delicious food.
  • Today dinner with winners.
  • Every day a new taste cooks.
  • Today dinner is a surprise.
  • What you love, we will serve.
  • Love the lunch.
  • Experience new taste.
  • A new taste, low prices
  • Lets BBQ.
takeaway and delivery restaurants slogan ideas
  • Best BBQ spot in the town.
  • Enjoy the garlic drumsticks.
  • Yummy squash pasta taste.
  • We cook with emotions.
  • Every food has a taste of emotions.
  • The smell of BBQ will make you hungry.
  • Every bite is a delight.
  • Don’t compromise on quality.
  • Welcome again and again.
  • Every taste has a story.
  • Celebrate your cultural party with us.
  • Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.
  • Juicy chicken tender strips are juicy.
  • Do you love Fish Tacos?
  • Easy Glazed Ham grandma used to make.
  • Have you tried our meatballs?.

Take-away and Delivery Restaurant slogan ideas and taglines

  • We deliver too fast.
  • Your Bell will ring on time.
  • Our riders can fly.
  • Deliver safe and fast.
  • Our riders are Flashman.
  • You order we deliver.
  • Only takeaway available.
  • We deliver on your count.
  • Already delivered.
  • Healthy food on time delivered.
  • Open the door, rider on the door.
  • Stay home order online.
  • Call us. We will be there.
  • What you order, we deliver.
  • Yummy food at your door.
  • Enjoy our taste at home now.
  • Superman can not be late.
  • If we are late, take it free.
  • 24/7 you can order.
  • Fresh food, fast delivery.

Fast Food Restaurant slogan ideas and taglines.

Suppose you have a fast-food business and need a bunch of slogans and taglines for marketing and campaigns. You can focus on different aspects of your business service and product. You can focus on the quality of meat, farming methods, a fresh vegetable used, quality of the product, service. You can also highlight and draw the attention of customers by unique cooking, fast service etc. we have compiled a list cheek it if you find your slogan.

  • Every taste has a story.
  • Taste the unique.
  • Tasty and yummy Pizza.
  • Chefs are experts of unique taste.
  • Do you love Pizza?
  • Different pizza flavours, different taste.
  • If you are in a hurry, try our Pizza.
  • Pizza, Burger, or stack what you want?.
  • Discover the real taste of Pizza.
  • Try Macaroni and Cheese Pizza.
  • Enjoy Buffalo Pizza Sticks.
  • Yummy, Creamy and flavour-filled
  • Chicken Burger winner burger.
  • Yummy Pizza, Creamy Pizza.
  • Veggie burgers are healthy.
  • Taste our Stacks.
  • Our meat is organic in the town.
  • Better burgers, our pleasure.
  • The perfect patty
fast food restaurant slogan ideas

How to Make a Restaurant Slogan ideas

Before learning how to make a restaurant slogan ideas for your business, let’s see what a slogan actually is why we use it for businesses. So the slogan is a phrase or sentence made up of words that define a business on the aspects of quality, location, environment, or products. The slogan is used for branding and marketing campaigns to attract potential customers. By using some slogans again and again for any business will be sticked to customer’s minds and will help in remembering your restaurant, which is a great strategy to attract customers.

Now let see how to make a restaurant slogan ideas. This process consumes a lot of time researching, brainstorming different ideas. Remember the slogan can be short or long-phrase in size. The Daily Mail writes in one of their articles that most of the successful slogans are “ short and Snappy “.

You will find a lot of blogs and slogan generators on the internet, we also write about slogan ideas for different businesses, but if you need a custom, original slogan idea which must define your business in all aspects and show your business expertise to customers have some general guidelines which we also follow to write slogans for different customers. These guidelines will help you to stand out your business in the crowd if you need our help in making a custom genuine slogan idea. We can help just mail us at [email protected]. 

Every business needs to identify its business plan/profile by defining its scope(audience), specify its services and domain, mission, vision, message etc.

Guidelines for Writing a restaurant slogan.

Consider Your Audience

            Every business needs to define its audience to which they are going to sell. To write restaurant slogan ideas one need to define whether his audience is families, college students, elite class, middle class, also consider age, location, interest, and language for example if one is using local campaign about the restaurant then he needs to write the slogan in the local language so customers will understand.

Don’t use generic Descriptions.

Restaurant slogan should not describe generically about your restaurant. Just do some research about your competitor’s slogans. Write something unique that define and differentiate your restaurant from competitors business. Consider your scope, mission, vision, values, the message of your business. Now it depends on your creativity how all these factors you use in one phrase.

Keep it Short and Catchy.

A general rule of thumb state that keeps your slogan under ten words. Using a short slogan will stick to your potential customer’s mind.

Be direct and to the point. Try writing for a local language where business located or you need to do marketing. Different writing techniques can be used like alteration, or rhymes will help a lot to better roll of the tongue. Don’t use negative words. Even you are using as a compliment.

Enlist your staff and Customers.

Writing a slogan is not an easy task, and if you are not coming up with something good, don’t be frightened just because nothing is coming in your mind don’t role out the idea of slogan completely.

Do a contest between your staff, managers, chefs, and keep a good prize for a winner. Many minds can come up with different ideas. You will find your dream slogan which will have the message you want to convey.

how to make restaurant slogan ideas


Every business needs a slogan. Its a tough process and a lot of time-consuming. Suppose you are thinking about a slogan for your restaurant than great. You can choose one from our list above, or you can write one for your restaurant using the above guidelines. You can also change your slogan if you don’t have a good one as many leading restaurants have done before. Suppose you spend a good time researching, brainstorming on the slogan which will convey your restaurant message to your potential customers. If you applied all the above tips one by one, your slogan can be one in millions.

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