400+ 30th Birthday Slogans That Will Make You Smile

So you’re looking through all these 30th birthday slogans and you still can’t find one that suits you?

Well, this list of 30th birthday slogans is great for those of you that are looking for something to use as a quote or an inspiration for your poems, stories, and the like. I hope these can help lead you in the right direction.

Every birthday is special, but the 30th birthday brings with it a few extra milestones that you might like some ideas on how to celebrate!

Maybe it’s time to try out something different or have a big party to remember… or why not get all of your friends together in one place for a fun social event?

30th Birthday Slogans

There are plenty of birthday messages for those turning 30, but a lot of them focus on getting old and turning gray. If you want to make someone smile on their 30th, be sure to use one of these 30th birthday slogans.

  • It’s not middle age, it’s vintage!
  • Thirty is just a number!
  • Life begins at thirty and continues until death.
  • You are now officially too old for all those things you thought were cool when you were younger.
  • 30 is the new 15!
  • You only have so many days on this earth… make them count!
  • Turning 30 is kind of like getting a letter from the government: You’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.
  • Turning 30 is a blessing. It means you’ve made it through your 20s alive.
  • At 30, life is all about enjoying the little things. Like wine and chocolate and sleeping in.
  • 30 never looked so good!
  • The first time I turned 30 was my 29th birthday. The second time I turned 30 was last night at midnight.
  • After your twenties, you have no more excuses.
  • Happy 30th! Here’s to another thirty years of memories.
  • Let’s make a toast to you! Happy 30th birthday!

30th Birthday Slogans for Her

30th birthday sayings are a great way to add an extra dose of humor to your big day. Whether you’re looking for something silly, sentimental, or even rude, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the great funny and inspirational slogans that will make turning 30 feel special.

30th Birthday Slogans for Her
  • Hooray! You’re 30 and fabulous.
  • I hope you never change. Happy 30th birthday!
  • May all your dreams come true in the next year of your life.
  • Happy 30th birthday to my friend!
  • Turning 30 is not a big deal when you’re turning 31!
  • Life starts at thirty!
  • I’m just a kid at heart who is turning thirty…
  • I don’t feel old, but I sure feel like an adult now!
  • When I turned 30, I realized that my youth had disappeared but my inner child was still alive.
  • “30 is just a number.”
  • “Thirty is the new twenty.”
  • “I’m too young to be thirty.”
  • “Don’t worry about 30. It’s not that old!”
  • “It’s better being 30 than 20, I think.”
  • “I’m 30 years young.”
  • “Today I am 30, tomorrow I will be happy.”
  • “Thirty and fabulous!”
  • 29, just kidding I’m 30!
  • Can’t stop me now, I’m 30!’
  • Don’t let the number intimidate you, I’m still the same person
  • I’m not old. It’s just my birthday
  • I’ve turned 30 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.
  • It’s my 30th and I’ll do what I want to!
  • I am 30 and fabulous, life begins at 30!
  • The big 3-0 is finally here!

Catchy 30th Birthday Slogans

Here are 30th birthday slogans to help you celebrate turning another year older. Find fun and creative phrase that matches your personality and style.

  • We’re turning 30, we’re feeling fine, we’re going out tonight to party hard ’till the morning light.
  • Celebrate this milestone with personalized 30th birthday slogans on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or party favors.
  • 30 is only halfway up the hill
  • 30 is beautiful age, only if you are 21
  • It’s better to be over the hill than under it.
  • I’m not getting older I’m getting better.
  • Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
  • 30th Birthday Slogans and Sayings
  • You only turn 30 once. Don’t wake up with regrets.
  • 30 years old, and I still got it going on!
  • The best is yet to come$%
  • Some people say that you are getting old when you turn 30, but I say that you are just getting started!
  • You finally have the right to drink alcohol legally. Cheers!
  • You are not old. You are just chronologically gifted.
  • Thirty is the new twenty!
  • Look at the bright side, turning 30 means you’re still young enough to party but old enough to know better!
  • Welcome to a world where everything hurts and nothing is fun anymore.
  • Yay! You get your first AARP card in the mail!

30th Birthday Party Slogans

There are many milestones throughout your life, but some are more special than others. A 30th birthday is one of those that deserve to be remembered, and finding the perfect 30th birthday slogans can help do that.

30th Birthday Party Slogans
  • Wow, 30 years old! Time for another round of Botox injections.
  • “Aged to perfection”
  • “The day of your birthday, God looked down and said ‘I need someone to spread joy…’ So he made you. Happy Birthday!”
  • 30 is just a number, but it’s the perfect excuse to party all night long!
  • Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!
  • It’s time to party like it’s an 80s movie
  • Turning 30 is just a state of mind
  • Can’t keep calm, I’m turning 30
  • The fun side of life starts at 30!
  • Time to live like there’s no tomorrow!

30th Birthday Slogans for Him

  • Turning 30 is a major milestone in everyone’s life.
  • At 30 you can finally start being mature and responsible… or you can just ignore all that and have a big party instead!
  • “You’re only as old as you feel.”
  • “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to panic about.”
  • “This is the beginning of the end.”
  • “Remember when 30 was old?”
  • 30 is the new 20.
  • 30 is just a number, but you look timeless.
  • 30 is the new 50.
  • You look so young, I thought you were 30!

Funny 30th Birthday Slogans

A 30th birthday is a special occasion for celebrating the person and their past, as well as toasting to the future. If you’re in charge of planning a 30th birthday party, it’s important to choose the right slogan to set the tone, whether it’s a formal event or a more casual affair.

Here are some funny, inspirational, and retro slogans that are perfect for someone turning 30.

  • Happy 30th birthday. Hope it’s not your last.
  • I thought you were 30!
  • Another year older, but none the wiser.
  • It’s all downhill from here!
  • The big 3-0! You’re officially old now!
  • Don’t let your age turn you into a grumpy old man (or woman).
  • Turned 30? Time to get your life together!
  • Thirty, flirty and thriving!
  • Live it up while you’re young!
  • At 30, life begins.
  • You’re young enough to be foolish and old enough to know better.
  • 30 is an odd age. One day you’re hot, the next you’re not!

30th Birthday Slogans for Guys

When it comes to the age of 30, some people are apprehensive about this new decade, while others embrace it with open arms. To celebrate this milestone birthday, why not create your very own 30th birthday slogans? These can be used for party decorations or worn on shirts and hats.

  • Time flies when you’re having fun. I hope you have a blast on your birthday.
  • You’re not over the hill yet, but you can see it from here!
  • Congratulations on turning 30. Now that you are officially over the hill, you have a great view of the valley below!
  • Life Begins at 30
  • Turning 30 is like driving a Maserati with no gas, the engine sounds great but you don’t really go anywhere.
  • 30, flirty and thriving.
  • 30 years old – finally out of my teens!

30th Birthday Tshirt Slogans

If you plan on having a party on your thirtieth birthday, here is a list of T-shirt slogans that can help you get started with your planning: also check out our list of cancer t-shirt slogans.

  • 30 today, 30 tomorrow, looking forward to 30 more years!
  • I’m still dirty and 30!
  • The end of my twenties but I’m not done yet!
  • Just because I’m turning thirty doesn’t mean I’ll be boring!
  • Life begins at 30, except for leg cramps and back pain!
  • 30th Birthday Sayings and Quotes
  • Thirty isn’t old; it’s a new start.
  • I still feel like I’m in my twenties, but that’s probably because I was doing everything wrong back then.
  • You know you’re getting old when you still have all your hair, but none of it is on your head.
  • “Turning 30 is like realizing you’re the adult you always wanted to marry.”
  • “Thirty, flirty, and thriving.”
  • “30? I thought you were 21 with 9 years of experience.”
  • “30 is the new 20, right?”
  • “Time to party like it’s my 30th birthday.”
  • “They say being a parent changes everything. They weren’t kidding.”

How to create a catchy 30th Birthday slogan

Whether you are creating a slogan for a birthday T-shirt or just in need of a good quote to include in a birthday greeting, coming up with a catchy saying is not as difficult as it sounds. While it is true that the more creative you are, the better your slogan will be.

there are some basic guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your slogan is the best it can be.

Think about the birthday boy or girl.

One of the best ways to come up with a good slogan for the birthday person is to think about his or her personality.

Consider what makes this person special.

Perhaps he or she has a special talent like playing guitar or wants to pursue a particular career path like law enforcement.

Gather ideas.

Before you begin creating slogans, spend some time collecting ideas from magazines and online sources like websites dedicated to slogans and quotes. Ideas can come from anywhere.

Your slogan should reflect who you are.

If you’re a jokester, create a funny slogan. If you’re more serious, go for the sentimental route. Don’t be afraid to use personal details that are important to you.

Keep it Short and Simple.

 Try to keep your slogan as short as possible; three or four words is usually the perfect length. A long slogan can become confusing and difficult to remember.

Some Final Talk

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of 30th birthday slogans and that you’ll find something to use on your party invitations or on your 30th birthday cake as a special thought for the guest of honor.

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