200+ Catchy Yard Sale Slogans & sayings

Doing a yard sale this weekend? Hopefully, you found some good ideas from our list of great Yard Sale Slogans!

There are thousands and thousands of slogans to choose from, so it can be tough to come up with one that stands out from the rest. Whether you are trying to start your own online yard sale business or running a local yard sale and need some slogans for your upcoming sales, these ones may help you!

A yard sale or a garage sale is an event in which items belonging to one person are sold, usually at very low prices. A yard sale is a good way to make money in a short time.

A Yard Sale is one of the best ways to sell your old and unused items. Yard Sales are a great way to make some extra money. You can use it to clean out old stuff or get rid of unused items in your home. This blog will look into different Yard Sale slogans that can make your slogan stand out.

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Catchy Yard Sale Slogans

We have created a list of the best yard sale slogans to help you sell your products. Some of these are funny and others are not. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own, you’re going to want to read this list.

  • Yard sale, lots of stuff!
  • Come join our yard sale.
  • Our junk is your treasure.
  • Gotta sell this stuff!
  • Gotta go – I’m selling it all.
  • No reasonable offer was refused.
  • Cheap stuff here. We’re moving.
  • Get rid of your old things and get cash for them
  • Yard sale Saturday, rain or shine!
  • Sellin’ it all cheap, gotta move today!
  • I’m Getting Rid of a Bunch of Stuff I Don’t Want or Need.
  • This Garage Sale Will Be Worth Your Time.
  • Come and Get It!
  • Get Some Awesome Items at a Steal.
  • Gently Used Items for Great Prices.
  • Don’t Miss This Yard Sale!
  • Looking to Make Some Extra Cash? Come to Our Yard Sale!
  • Don’t Miss Out on Our Yard Sale!
  • Great Deals on Great Products.
  • Great Variety, Great Prices at Our Yard Sale.
  • Be a good neighbor and have a yard sale.
  • Buy all you can haul.
  • Buy buy, sell sell.
  • Cleaning out our closets, come on in.
  • Coming soon to a yard near you.
  • Don’t miss the fun, don’t miss our sale.
  • Everything must go!
  • Everything is for sale!

Funny Yard Sale Slogans

If you’re having trouble coming up with your own yard slogan, you’re going to want to love this section.

  • Giant Yard Sale! No reasonable offer was refused.
  • Great deals inside, come on in!
  • Huge garage sale this weekend only! Don’t miss it!
  • I couldn’t put it down. Neither will you.
  • Look for our stuff. It will be in the yard.
  • Garage Sale – Everything Must Go!
  • One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.
  • We are having a garage sale, come by and see what we have for you.
  • Looking for a new home for my old things.
  • It’s all about the money baby! Let’s make some deals!
  • I’m moving and it is time to go!
  • Stop by to see what I have to offer!
  • “A yard sale is a place where you can find something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist.” – unknown
  • “Appraisals are like opinions, everybody has one and most of them stink!” -unknown
  • “Another person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” -unknown
  • “Anything worth having is worth getting rid of.” – unknown
  • “Buy it or bye it!” – unknown
  • “Can’t see the forest for the trees?” -unknown
  • “Clutter is postponed decisions.” – unknown
  • “Come in and see our junk!” – unknown
  • “Come on down to my house and pick through my stuff!” -unknown
  • “Don’t be jealous, it’s just stuff I’m getting rid of!” – unknown
  • “Don’t worry about what you have to buy. . . just think about what you’ve got to sell.” -unknown

Creative Yard Sale Slogans Ideas

You’re in need of some yard sale slogans to help promote your next yard sale. Below are a few ideas you can use to create your own unique and exciting yard sale signs. No matter how big or small your yard sale is, you need a catchy slogan to draw in customers. Here are some good ones:

  • “Everything must go! Including the kitchen sink!” – unknown
  • “Finders keepers, losers weepers!” – unknown
  • Awesome Yard Sale
  • Cash Only
  • Bargain Hunters Welcome
  • Everything Must Go
  • Family Friendly Yard Sale
  • First Time Ever Garage Sale
  • Flea Market Quality at Garage Sale Prices
  • Grand Opening of My Yard Sale
  • Household Items for Sale
  • It’s That Time Again for a Yard Sale!
  • Moving so Everything Must Go!
  • Need Cash? We Got Cash!
  • One Day Only Yard Sale Event!
  • See it to Believe it – Come to our Yard Sale!
  • A sale is just a way to get what you want.
  • Another yard sale with great stuff.
  • Antiques and more, come on in!
  • Buy it all!
  • Dealers welcome.
  • Don’t miss our big yard sale!
  • Everything must go!
  • For the best deals, come to our yard sale.
  • Great bargains for everyone!

Clever Yard sale donations slogans

The signs are the first thing people see at a yard sale, so you want to make sure they look good. I have collected some ideas for yard sale slogans that you can use for your own yard sale signs.

  • Huge selection of items for sale.
  • Yard sale, yard sale!
  • If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back.
  • We sell things cheaply.
  • Everything you need and more.
  • We have everything you want and more.
  • Do you want it? We got it!
  • Selling your stuff for pennies.
  • Just what you’re looking for.
  • Have a blast at our yard sale!
  • The more you buy, the more you save!
  • Here today, gone tomorrow.
  • Make your own history.
  • Looking for a home? Come see what we’re selling.
  • Everything must go but the kitchen sink.
  • A bargain hunter’s paradise.

FAQs about Yard sale slogans

What do you say at a yard sale?

When you are at a yard sale, you will have different strategies to use depending on the product. If you are looking to buy a video game, for example, consider the following words: Video games are often very expensive. It’s worth noting that you’re likely to pay a lot more at a retail store than you will at a yard sale. If you like the game, it’s a great deal. If not, then you can always resell it later!

What is the best way to advertise a yard sale?

Yard sales can be a great way to make some extra cash. A large percentage of the American population still has a yard sale at one time or another.  The key to success is to have a great location, timing and promotion for your yard sale.

How do I attract people to my yard sale?

You can attract people to your yard sale through the help of the local newspapers, flyers and other forms of local advertising. You might even want to print some business cards with your contact info and hand them out to people. If you have a rare item for sale, don’t be afraid to post it on the Internet and around your neighborhood.

How to come up with a great yard sale slogans

You need a yard sale slogan to get customers to your table. A great yard sale slogan should be catchy and memorable. It should also inform your potential customers what they can expect from your yard sale. Here are some tips for coming up with a great yard sale slogan:

1. Keep it short and simple

A good slogan should be short and simple so that your customers can easily remember it.

2. Use Rhymes

Using rhymes is also another way to make your slogan stand out.

3. Alliteration

Another technique that marketing experts use is alliteration, which means using the first letter of a word in place of another word throughout the slogan. For example, ‘Finger licking good’ for KFC.

4. Make it visual

 Make sure your slogan paints a picture in the mind of the customer so that they can not only read about your company but envision it as well. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a good slogan does just that!

5. Add humor

Adding humor to your slogan is also another tool used by many companies as well to grab the attention of their customers. This works particularly well for companies who want their customers to feel more relaxed while doing business with them and have fun at the same time!

6. Say it out loud

This is one of the most important steps in creating a tagline or slogan. It needs to be something that rolls off the tongue, something that’s easy to pronounce and easy to remember. Once you have a couple of ideas, read them out loud to see which ones sound best. This will help you weed out the losers and focus on the winners.

7. Keep it short and sweet

You want your tagline to be succinct but still get your point across. Don’t try to say too much in one sentence, because this will only confuse your audience. Try sticking to two lines or less if possible.

8. Think about your audience

Perhaps one of the most important things you need to do when coming up with a catchphrase is to think about what appeals most to your target audience.

Some final words

As we have shown, yard sale slogans play an important role in helping potential customers identify which sales stand out from the rest. Yard sale signs have an almost universal familiarity amongst Americans, as every year brings with it a chance for residents to part ways with old, unwanted items.

So whether you’re listing your first-yard sale or adding to the dozens of signs you’ve already posted around your neighborhood, don’t forget that a catchy slogan is all it takes to draw potential customers into the fray.

Thanks for reading, be sure to share this with your friends on social media. Please let us know if you have any other slogans that we can feature in future blogs.

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